Who Killed Pedals? Beloved Bi-Pedal Bear Apparently Lured to His Death With an Apple

Pedals was fatally shot with a bow and arrow.

One New Jersey man has found himself in the middle of a firestorm amid accusations that he's the hunter who killed Pedals, the beloved bear who walked upright.

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Pedals was legally killed Sunday by with a bow and arrow during the first day of hunting season in New Jersey.

Tom McCreary, a bar owner, was targeted after he posted what was perceived as a threat to kill Pedals on the bear's Facebook page prior to the animal’s death.

“I've got something for Pedals,” McCreary wrote.

McCreary claims it wasn't him.

The 40-year-old says he has been getting threats of people wanting to “kill my wife, kill my family, burn my house down, burn my bar down.”

He said he has not gone hunting this season and is not the man who killed Pedals. 

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The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection is confirming it was not McCreary who killed the beloved bear.

After the death of Pedals, a photo shows the bear being weighed at a gaming station. In the picture, the hunter has a black Ford pick-up truck, a green cooler, a blue wheelbarrow and yellow targets.

He also had a bag of apples that were apparently used as bait.

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