'Farmyard of Horrors': 139 Animals, Including Sheep and Goats, Rescued From Horrible Conditions

The man who owned the animals was planning to eat the chickens in the bunch.

Starving and sick, 139 farm animals were rescued from an Ohio man who said he was planning on “feeding his family” with the chickens, according to reports.

On Monday the Brown County Animal Shelter and Brown County Humane Society removed chickens, dogs, goats, sheep and rabbits from the Fayetteville barnyard.

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They were living in what Deputy Barb Ashmore called “horrifying conditions.”

"It was very sad,” Ashmore told InsideEdition.com. “The chickens were dying because he clipped their wings and they couldn't fly and they fell into water and couldn't get out.”

Some animals were found dead, with others clinging to life. Many of them had Coccidia, a parasite caused by filthy conditions.

"The water was so green and black. It was thick like syrup,” Ashmore said.

The animals were finally seized after a complaint about the odor, according to Ashmore.

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“I was surprised we hadn't gotten any complaints considering how hot it was this summer,” she said.

On the bright side, all of the goats, chickens and sheep have been adopted in the aftermath of their stay at the “farmyard of horrors.”

The owner has not been charged, and has given up the animals freely, according to Ashmore.

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