Pitcher Leaves Game After Stitches From Drone Accident Open, Reducing Finger to Bloody Mess

Trevor Bauer was pitching with 10 stitches in his pinky finger.

Cleveland Indians star pitcher Trevor Bauer was forced to leave Monday night's playoff game against the Toronto Blue Jays after blood began pouring from his pinky.

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Bauer could not wear a Band-Aid over his wound, since they are prohibited by Major League Baseball rules.

In addition, the ball cannot be colored with a foreign substance — including blood.

So after 21 pitches in Game 3 of the playoffs, he was forced to call it quits after his stitches opened, and blood poured onto the ground and his uniform.

Four days before the game, Bauer's finger was cut by the blade of a drone, a longtime hobby of his.

The baseball star is obsessed with drones and according to experts, was lucky he did not lose his finger in the accident.

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Following the game, the player tweeted a photo of his bloody cleats.

1) what a W!! 2) my cleats got a bit dirty. 3) loudest standing ovation I've gotten walking off the mound. ??????... pic.twitter.com/1VUozRBSaG

October 18, 2016

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