Moment of Tooth: Dad Films Tooth Fairy Sneaking Into His 5-Year-Old Son's Bedroom

Thanks to a little special effects magic, a tiny fairy could be seen sneaking through the window as little James was fast asleep.

While the Tooth Fairy may be a myth in many households, the magic is very much alive for this 5-year-old, who has seen her stealthy entrance on video. 

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5-year-old James Hashimoto is known as Action Movie Kid, thanks to his dad Daniel Hashimoto's incredible CGI expertise.

But when James was about to lose his first tooth, the action-adventure hero had a different mission in mind. He and his dad decided they would catch the Tooth Fairy in action.

"James had a loose tooth, and it prompted him to ask lots of questions about what would happen when he lost his tooth," Hashimoto told

Sure enough, little James could be seen in a video recorded by his dad pondering, "I think the Tooth Fairy will come, and I think she will give me something. I'm not exactly sure."

After making a formal announcement that he had lost his tooth, James helped his dad set up surveillance cameras around his bedroom to catch the fairy in action.

The boy awoke in the morning to find a crystal holder under his pillow, where he'd safely placed the tooth the night before.

That's when they decided to revisit the footage.

"[James] watched through lots of footage of himself just sleeping, and nothing happening," his dad said. "He was getting anxious when finally, something appeared on the screen."

Thanks to a little special effects magic, a tiny fairy could be seen sneaking through the window as James was fast asleep.

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"We caught the Tooth Fairy!" James exclaimed as he watched the footage with his little sister, Sophie.

Hashimoto told that his son safely stored the crystal and its holder with his other precious treasures, including sea shells, gold coins, rocks, and other trinkets.

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