Elizabeth Taylor's Absence at AMFAR Raises Concerns

Elizabeth Taylor was honored at last night's AMFAR event, but she was a no-show, reportedly due to her poor health. INSIDE EDITION has the details from the event.

A star-studded crowd gathered in New York at a major charity event. But the guest of honor, Elizabeth Taylor, was a no-show.

On the red carpet, honoree Liz Taylor did not make an appearance due to her poor health.

Elton John made an annoncement, saying, "Sadly, she was unable to be with us this evening."

Her close friend elton john read a note from Elizabeth, "I'm touched by this honor. I'm very sad not to be in such esteemed company. I am there in spirit."

The legendary screen idol was photographed in Los Angeles last week looking frailer than ever and hooked up to an oxygen tank.

Newlywed Chelsea Clinton was on hand for the AMFAR event, posing arm-in-arm with her husband, Marc Mezvinsky.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander asked Chelsea, "How's married life?"

"Wonderful," replied the newlywed.

Chelsea shot down those reports claiming that she and Marc were living apart because of problems in their marriage. Inside the event, Chelsea presented her dad with an award for his support of AIDS research.

Designer Michael Kors was also there, so we had to ask, what did he think of that $35 dress worn by First Lady Michelle Obama for her media blitz yesterday?

Kors said, "She knows how to mix it up. I think she can something that's $35 look like $3500. I think she wears glamorous clothes in a very relaxed, easy way."

INSIDE EDITION was the first to report that the First Lady's fun polka dot dress was from bargain retailer H&M.  The dress that H&M is selling is actually short-sleeved.  Michelle's dress had longer sleeves. It turns out, the First Lady had longer sleeves added to the dress.