Boy Claims Teacher Washed His Mouth Out With Soap, but Cops Say No Crime Occurred

A Pennsylvania student says his teacher used the old-fashioned punishment but area police say there's been no crime.

A Pennsylvania schoolboy claims his teacher washed his mouth out with soap as a punishment, and now his mother wants charges brought against the educator.

Ten-year-old Donald Thomas told WHP that his teacher used the old-fashioned punishment after an argument he had with a classmate at Camp Curtin Academy in Harrisburg on October 13.

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"She told me to go by the sink and she got a bar of soap and she started rubbing it on my tongue," Donald said.

Donald's mother, Ciara White, called police to the school when she learned of the incident, which she called assault.

"So many questions. First of all, why would a teacher do that? What kind of soap? I mean I just don’t understand why a teacher would do that," White said.

However, the Harrisburg Police Department has said the incident was determined to be an administrative issue, not a legal one.

Nonetheless, White said her son now doesn't want to go back to school and that she believes it's in his best interests to stay home.

"It's definitely assault, maybe even poisoning," White said. 

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A message left for the Harrisburg School District was not immediately returned Wednesday afternoon. An official with the district told PennLive they are "not permitted to disclose, nor discuss student and/or employee matters."

Neither the Harrisburg Police Department nor the school district has identified the teacher. 

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