Stephen Baldwin Blasts Brother Alec's Trump Impression: 'It Is Not Really Funny'

He told Inside Edition that the election is "serious" and should not be mocked.

There is no brotherly love lost between Stephen Baldwin and his sibling Alec when it comes to the elder Baldwin's impression of Donald Trump, which The Usual Suspects star does not find humorous.

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“It is really not funny because this election isn’t funny, it is serious. It is really serious,” he told Inside Edition in the spin room following Wednesday night's final debate in Las Vegas.

Alec Baldwin once again reprised made the Trump impression on Saturday Night Live over the weekend, and is expected to do so again this Saturday. 

The Bio-Dome star is an outspoken Republican, unlike his former 30 Rock actor brother, who is a Democrat. 

As usual, the debate was of course fodder among the late night comics.

Trevor Noah broadcasted The Daily Show live following the debate and said it made sense to have the final debate before the elections in Sin City.

“This was America’s night to let loose before she settles down and makes a commitment to one person,” he joked.

Jimmy Kimmel quipped on his show: “Think about this, they never have to be in the same room again. It's like the last time we saw mom and dad fight before the divorce.”

However, the funnyman was wrong. Trump and Clinton will both be at NYC's Waldorf Astoria Hotel Thursday night for the annual Alfred E. Smith Dinner, hosted by the Archdiocese of New York.

They will be sitting just one seat apart from each other; Cardinal Timothy Dolan will have the honor of sitting between them.

On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert mocked Trump’s refusal to say whether he would accept the results of the November 8 election.

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"Democracy's gonna end with a cliffhanger," Colbert joked. "I guess we're all gonna have to wait until November 9 to find out if we still have a country — if Donald Trump is in the mood for a peaceful transfer of power, or if he's just gonna wipe his fat ass with the Constitution."

Colbert then took out his Emmy’s and mocked Trump for his odd debate moment where the GOP presidential pick believed he should have won them for The Apprentice.

“You really should get one, Donald,” Colbert said as he kissed his trophy. “They are fantastic.”

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