Woman Claims Trump Groped Her at 1998 U.S. Open, the 13th Accuser to Come Forward

A New York-area woman named Karena Virginia accused Trump of groping her in 1998.

Another woman has publicly accused Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump of sexual misdeeds during the U.S. Open tennis tournament nearly three decades ago.

On Thursday morning, with fewer than 20 days until the general election, New York-area yoga instructor Karena Virginia became the latest accuser to state she's been on the receiving end of unwanted sexual advances from the billionaire.

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She is the thirteenth woman to come forward with sexual misconduct allegations against Trump since April 2016.

With attorney Gloria Allred at her side, Virginia told reporters that Trump grabbed her arm and touched her breast while she waited for her car at the U.S. Open in 1998.

Virginia tearfully recalled that, when she flinched at his advances, Trump asked her, "Don't you know who I am?"

Virginia said no one asked her to come forward and that she was motivated to do so after hearing Trump's 2005 Access Hollywood comments and his subsequent denials of sexual misconduct against other accusers.

"I felt intimidated and I felt powerless. I felt ashamed that i was wearing a short dress and high heels," recalled Virginia, who said she was "disinclined" to wear such clothing for years after the alleged incident.

She also recalled a time years later when she saw Trump once again.

"Five years ago, I saw Mr. Trump once again," she said. "We were in a business setting and there were many people around. 

"This time, mixed in with feelings of shame, I felt disgust... I had come to the realization the I was the victim."

As cameras flashed at Thursday's press event, Virginia then addressed Donald Trump directly.

"Mr. Trump, perhaps you do not remember me or what you did to me so many years ago. But I can assure you that I remember you and what you did to me as though it was yesterday," she said. "Your random moment of sexual pleasure came at my expense and affected me greatly."

Following Virginia's statement, Allred said her client is not going to file a lawsuit.

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Instead, Virginia said she's "here to stand up to Mr. Trump for my friends, family and particularly for my daughter."

Allred said Virginia is noteworthy in that her allegations "demonstrate how Mr. Trump selects his victims at random."

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