Fur-Ever Love! Rescue Pups Replace Flowers at Dog Lovers' Wedding

Dogs took over a Minnesota wedding after the couple opted to replace the wedding party's bouquets with the pups.

Adorable puppies replaced the traditional bouquets carried by the bride and her bridesmaids at this Minnesota wedding.

Kathryn and Bradly Ziemer have supported the Secondhand Hound in Eden Prairie — an organization that rescues dogs from high-kill shelters — for more than two years.

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Weeks ahead of her big day, Kathryn dreamed of being surrounded by puppies on her wedding day and the shelter made it come true.

“We are known for our puppy parties," said the shelter's founder and executive director Rachel Mairose. "We thought it would be a different cute party — it was just so exciting."

When the shelter brought along 13 newborn pups, the bridal party cooed over their new furry friends during a photo shoot by Alycia Faye Photography.

The ring bearer and the flower girl also joined in on the fun.

“It was amazing to have these puppies at my wedding and we even had people who aren’t a fan of dogs go crazy over them,“ the bride said.

The 13 newborn puppies are all named after Pokémon characters.

Their names are Kingler, Onix, Weedle, Zubat, Abra, Oddish, Diglett, Squirtle, Poliwag, Eevee, Paras, Tauros, and Pidgey. Their mom is called Pikachu.

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The bride also told InsideEdition.com she wanted to show her loved ones that there are alternative ways to find a dog for a family, like visiting a shelter.

“Instead of getting them from breeders or other places, get them at a shelter because they also need a home. People tend to forget that,” she said.

These dog lovers weren't the only ones who thought of this unique idea.

A couple in Pennsylvania also made some room for abandoned pups at their big wedding day. With any luck, their vows will last "fur"-ever.

As for the latest happily married couple, they are hoping to get a dog soon, but for now they are enjoying a new chapter in their lives and will probably try to "catch ‘em all" — or at least adopt one rescue puppy — in the future.

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