Cardinal Dolan Reveals He Asked Trump, Clinton To Pray Together Before Al Smith Dinner

Cardinal Dolan also said he came down with a cold because he was sitting "between in the iciest place on the planet."

Cardinal Timothy Dolan revealed there was a spiritual moment between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump before the annual Alfred E. Smith Foundation Memorial Dinner in New York City Thursday night.

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Dolan revealed that the two political rivals prayed together backstage before the event.

He revealed on the Today show Friday morning: "Before we were introduced, I asked if we could say a prayer and after the prayer, Trump turned to Clinton and said, 'you know you are one tough and talented woman and he said it has been a good experience.

"'She said to him, 'whatever happens, we need to work together afterwards.'"

Dolan needed divine intervention as he had the challenging task of sitting between the two candidates who have appeared to clearly despise each other at the dinner inside the Waldorf Astoria.

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“I'm coming down with a cold, which is no surprise given that I’m sitting between in the iciest place on the planet between our two candidates for president,” he said at the event.

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