Small Wonder: 3-Year-Old Girl Becomes Wonder Woman in Epic Photo Shoot

It's more than a Halloween costume for Nellee Rossi, who loves the super heroine.

One young girl in Utah celebrated her third birthday with a super photo shoot, thanks to her professional photographer father.

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Josh Rossi photographed his daughter, Nellee, as her favorite superhero, Wonder Woman, and made it appear as if she was jumping, flying and deflecting bullets with her shield.

"I do a photoshoot of her every year for her birthday and I just thought this would be the perfect action figure for her to represent,” he told Inside Edition.

They modeled the whole thing after the new Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, who is getting her own feature film in 2017.

"I saw Batman Vs. Superman and Wonder Woman came out and just kicked butt so I got super excited," the creative dad said.

He gave Nellee Wonder Woman's golden lariat, a sword and a shield to add detail to the attire. 

To keep his young daughter calm for the lengthy shoot, he said they had snacks and tried to get all the shots in before her noon nap.

He said the photos of her “flying” were the hardest because they had to be done in such a strategic manner.

"Those were the most difficult shots because we had to have five people in there posing every part of her body,” he said.

The whole shoot was quite a production and took more than two months to put together.

He said the costume alone took “a month to be created,” as well as the seven-hour photo shoot and two-and-a-half weeks to edit the shots.

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Lynda Carter, who portrayed Wonder Woman on TV in the 70s, appeared on CBS This Morning Friday to discuss the 75th anniversary of the D.C. Comics character that is still inspiring girls everywhere.

"You know Wonder Woman has been around 75 years — it was more than 40 years ago, more than 40 years! And over the years the stories I have heard are ones of inspiration,” she said.

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