'There Are Pitfalls': Kim Kardashian Talks Fame in Interview Recorded Just Before Paris Robbery Ordeal

The "60 Minutes" interview was filmed weeks before robbers stormed her hotel room.

Kim Kardashian had talked up social media's role in her rise to fame in an interview shot just weeks before a group of thieves raided her hotel room and made off with about $10 million in jewelry.

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In a conversation with 60 Minutes' Bill Whitaker, the reality star spoke about living her life for the world to see on social media, which is believed to have played a role in the robbery after she flaunted her ring and other jewels on Snapchat and Instagram.

“There are pitfalls. Lack of privacy, loss of privacy, and that's not for everyone,” she said of her fame, but added that she can "handle" it.

Whitaker then asked: “You are famous worldwide. Would that famous Kim Kardashian exist without social media?”

“Not in this way. I totally attribute my career to social media,” she said.

Kardashian has been silent on social media since the robbery and has halted filming on reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Her sister, Kourtney, was asked about the heist during an interview with an Australia’s Today show Thursday and apparently did not wish to talk about it.

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When asked about the situation involving her sister, Kourtney’s eyes darted off camera, where someone apparently told her not to answer the question.

After a commercial break, Kourtney finally gave a response saying: "Yeah, she’s not doing great. Everyone was shaken up. She has a big supportive family. Like all the traumatic things we've been through, we get through them together as a family. And that's what family is all about."

The 60 Minutes interview with Kardashian, who turned 36 Friday, will air Sunday.

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