Kind Woman Helps Homeless Man Reunite with His Beloved Dog From Pound

Generous woman rushed to a man's aid to help him reunite with his furry friend.

A homeless man has been reunited with his close furry friend, thanks to a random act of kindness that came courtesy of a compassionate stranger.

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Wilma Trice, a Texas native, was shopping at her local Walmart when she spotted a homeless man standing outside with a sign that read: “Dog in Pound – Need Help.”

Touched by the man’s story, Trice pulled over, blocking the exit of the Walmart parking lot, and asked how she could help.

The man, named Patrick, said he had recently had problems and his beloved dog, Franklin, was sent to the pound.

“He seemed like a nice, gentle soul who just happened to have a hard life,” Trice told “The look in his eye was desperation; he looked like a big kid who just lost his puppy.”

Trice asked the man how much it would cost to release little Franklin. To get the pooch to freedom, it would cost $120 – 112 dollars, more than what she had on her.

The fees included a rabies shot, heartworm test, flea prevention and a $35 impoundment fee.

“I offered him my business card and told him that I’ll see what I can do,” Trice said.

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Desperate for additional help, Trice phoned a friend to add extra cash toward the payment.

Trice helped Patrick gather enough money, along with paperwork, to release Franklin. After two days, the cuddly companions were finally reunited.

In addition to fulfilling her promise to bring the friends together, Trice and an animal rescue volunteer, named Jill, helped Patrick raise an undisclosed amount of money to help him get back on his feet.

She wrote in a post on her Facebook page, “We’ve all been in a bad situation in our life so remember always pay it forward.”

Trice encourages everyone seeking to donate to Patrick and Franklin to visit her animal shelter group's website.

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