Lindsay Lohan Wears Racy Dress to Her Arraignment

Lindsay Lohan showed up for her arraignment in Los Angeles wearing a body-hugging white dress that some say was inappropriate for a court appearance. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Everyone's talking about the skin-tight minidress Lindsay Lohan wore to her felony arraignment, where she pled not guilty.

Many are comparing the dress to Sharon Stone's revealing outfit in the thriller Basic Instinct.

"Why would you take the chance of having a racy outfit on at a time when your life is on the line?" asks former prosecutor Robin Sax. She says Lohan's dress was a major misstep.

"Attorneys normally instruct their clients to dress as if they are going to church, to temple, or for a job interview. Everybody knows what that means. That means be conservative."

According to Sax, Lohan's lawyer was likely upset when she saw it.

"I'm sure that Shawn Chapman Holley was a little mortified in that she was very sexy and scantily-clad for a courtroom environment."

And there was another major misstep. It came out in court that Lohan or someone in her camp sent flowers to the plaintiffs' jewelry store in Venice Beach. The owners of Kamofie & Company are pressing criminal charges against Lohan for stealing a $2,500 necklace. They were said to be "freaked out" by the flowers.

Judge Keith Schwartz forbade Lohan from going to the store or having any more contact with them until the legal proceedings were over.