Que Crazy! Teen Soccer Player Has Concussion During Game, Wakes Up Speaking Fluent Spanish

Reuben was kicked in the head by another player.

After suffering a severe concussion during a soccer game, 16-year-old Reuben Nsemoh could only speak Spanish when he woke up.

Reuben’s coach, Bruno Kalonji, told InsideEdition.com that Reuben was accidentally kicked in the head by an opposing team member while in goal during a top regional league soccer game in Georgia.

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“He fell and I was on the sideline and I saw him down. I was expecting to come up because he’s an aggressive kid and usually comes up,” Kalonji said.

Reuben stopped breathing several times, had seizures, and began vomiting, Kalonji said. His condition called for him to be airlifted to the Atlanta Medical Center.

He was then admitted to the ICU at the hospital, and had fallen into a coma. 

But it was what happened when he woke up from the coma that had his family and friends in shock.

“The first time he came back, he couldn’t speak. Then he started speaking Spanish. He was speaking like he was a Spanish guy with an accent,” said Kalonji.

Kalonji said Reuben doesn’t speak Spanish regularly but when he tried to speak English, he had another seizure.

“He had a good memory, he just couldn’t speak English,” said Kalonji.

Kalonji said doctors didn’t really understand what was going on but they tried to get him a Spanish translator.

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“That went on for a day or so and then eventually faded away,” said Kalonji.

Reuben may not be on the field any time soon because he seems a little “lost,” but Kalonji is confident he will return to the sport.

Reuben’s parents have started a GoFundMe to help with his medical expenses.

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