Beginner's Buck: Cop Rescues Drowning Deer in Pool Despite Having No Wildlife Training

"Now believe it or not, we don't necessarily teach recruits in the academy how to rescue drowning deer," cops joked.

Although though this cop had no i-deer how to rescue wild animals, that didn't stop him from rescuing a buck in need.

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Trooper Dwayne Phillips from the New Jersey State Police was dispatched to a home after someone reported a deer drowning in the swimming pool.

According to the department's Facebook post, it had been obvious the deer has been stuck for quite some time.

Despite knowing he could have been seriously injured rescuing the wild animal, Phillips improvised. He reached into the pool, grabbed the deer by its antlers and dragged it out of the water.

"Now believe it or not, we don't necessarily teach recruits in the academy how to rescue drowning deer," cops joked on Facebook.

Cops reported on Facebook the buck had been exhausted from trying to stay afloat, but after some time on the ground, he eventually recovered and returned to the wild.

Meanwhile in Texas, cops also spent a fair amount of time helping a deer in trouble.

Officer Kevin Zieschang of the Fulshear Police was dispatched to what appeared to be a young deer tied to the backyard of a home under construction.

The cop can be seen on bodycam video freeing the buck, and removing the extra rope off its antlers with the help of construction workers.

But, the deer lingered around.

"He's not scared at all," Zieschang said as the deer continued to hang around in the home's front yard. The deer even scurried up to the officer for a rub on the head.

When a camera crew arrived to the home later that day, the deer, whom cops named Uncle Buck, even got friendly with everyone at the scene.

Cops later concluded the "extremely docile and friendly buck" was domesticated, and needed to be relocated to a safe home.

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With the help of Star Animal Control and a Texas game warden, the deer was sedated and transported to another property, which was converted into a large animal sanctuary.

"Uncle Buck is now safe and sound and seems to love his new protected home," the Fulshear Police wrote on their Facebook. "He will be loved and well taken care of."

While cops are continuing to look for more information regarding the deer's origin, some have speculated Uncle Buck had been kept at someone's home as a pet.

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