Spirit in the Sky? Man Takes to Facebook Live to Stream Cloud That Looks Like an Angel

Cory Hearon says he was "dumbstruck" as he spotted the cloud that looked like a heavenly being.

One man saw such a divine object in the sky that he went live on Facebook to broadcast the event to his friends and followers.

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On Tuesday, Cory Hearon saw an angel-shaped cloud in the sky above Camden, South Carolina.

He said on his Facebook Live video, which has been viewed by six million people, "nobody will believe me if I didn't do this live. I want you to look at this cloud in the sky."

He told Inside Edition: "I was dumbstruck, I was in shock, and I’d never seen anything like with my own two eyes."

As Hearon gazed at the cloud, he was struck by the intricate details of the formation.

"It is almost like you could see feathers, a face, you could make out some hands," he told Inside Edition. 

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The 37-year-old sat at the wheel of his car and just stared in disbelief as he said: “I don’t think its moved.”

The father of three told Inside Edition that the cloud was “his angel” and is still in total awe of what he witnessed.

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