Police Ride Along Turns Violent as Suspect Fires on Officer: 'He Has as Gun!'

A civilian woman was filming as a routine traffic stop turned into a dangerous situation.

New details are emerging about the shocking California high-speed chase involving a police officer and a civilian who was on a ride along as shots were fired.

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The terrified civilian in her 20s was accompanying the rookie cop early Sunday morning when a routine traffic stop took an unexpected turn.

The drama unfolded as Officer Julian Garcia attempted to pull over a driver for a busted tail light.

When the motorist didn't stop, the officer, who finished his field training just two weeks prior, gave chase in Madera.

As the fleeing driver blew through two stop signs, the civilian, who has not been identified and was part the city’s Citizen Police Academy, was the first to realize that the other driver was armed.

In dashcam footage, she can be heard saying: “He has a gun! No! Oh no!”

As Officer Garcia drew closer to the culprit, a passenger in the fleeing car fired off nine shots at the police cruiser. The civilian was cut by flying glass as bullets struck the windshield.

The rear window of the car was completely blown out, as were the tires, which ended the chase when the police car became disabled.

The suspects got away by ditching their car and escaping on foot. No one was apprehended but authorities say they have many leads. 

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Officer Garcia and the civilian walked away from the incident with just minor cuts and scrapes. 

Police Chief Steve Frazier told Inside Edition: "We are all very thankful both [she] and the officer are okay." 

He added that the civilian "had a very traumatic event occur," causing her to sound frantic on the dashcam video. 

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