After Illicit Affair Couple Faces Custody Battle

When they met, he was 14-years-old and she was 36. Today, they’re married and fighting for custody of their first child. INSIDE EDITION talks to the once-illicit couple.

42-year-old Lisa Lynette Clark first sparked national outrage when she made a shocking appearance in court. Pregnant, and in shackles, she admitted the father of her lovechild was a 15-year-old boy. That was five years ago.  

The teacher today along side of her now 20-year-old husband, Adrian Gonzalez, spoke exclusively to INSIDE EDITION.

Clark says, "So far a twenty-two year gap is working fine, we're still together."

"I love her as much as I did, if not more," says Gonzalez.  

Clark was a divorced mother of three when she met Gonzalez, who was a friend of her teenage son.

"I was only fourteen when I first saw her, but I was instantly attracted to her," says Gonzalez.

Clark has been compared to Mary Kay Letourneau, who also went to prison for having sex with a 13-year-old student. Letourneau later married her student and had two children.

"I've been compared to Mary Kay Letourneau. It's nothing to be proud of," says Clark.

Clark and Gonzalez have a son Skye, who was conceived during their illicit affair and was born in prison when Clark was serving a year long sentence for statutory rape.

Skye is now living in a foster home and the couple is fighting to gain custody of him.

The couple wants to raise him with their second child, 2-year-old daughter Star. Star was born after Clark got out of prison and Gonzalez was 18-years-old.

Clark now works as a transcriber, while Gonzalez does the housework and looks after their daughter.

They share their Georgia home with none other than Clark's son, who first introduced his mom to Gonzalez.

"I couldn't be mad when she was happy about it," says Clark's oldest son.  
Even though the scorn of the nation has come down on them, Clark says she wants her family back together again.

"I'm a good mother, I know I'm a good mother," says Clark.