Watch This Emotional Encounter Between Mickey Mouse and a 21-Year-Old Blind Fan

The 21-year-old from Brazil lost his vision to a rare disease when he was 9.

This young man got a magical moment with Mickey Mouse that he will cherish forever.

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Brazilian native Basilio Santana, 21, was diagnosed with Devic’s disease when he was 9, causing him to go blind. The disease is rare and is similar to multiple sclerosis.

In early October, Basilio and his family traveled to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, where the young man met one of his favorite characters — Mickey Mouse.

A video taken by tour guide Nataly Pacifico White and posted on Facebook shows the emotional encounter between the young man and the beloved character.

In the video, Mickey walks over to Basilio and pulls him out of a crowd and said: “Wow! All the way from Brazil? Cool. My friends have been teaching me some Portuguese.”

The character then began to speak in Portuguese and took Basilio’s hands and placed them around the mask of the costume so he could feel Mickey’s face.

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Basilio began to get emotional and gave Mickey a massive hug.

Mickey then called for the boy’s mother to come over and she greeted the character by also giving him a tight hug as her son held on to the iconic personality.

In her description on Facebook, White said “no one was able to withhold their tears.” She added: “Mickey Mouse teaching us that what is basic is invisible to the eye.”

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