86-Year-Old Grandma Impresses on Her Wedding Day in Gown of Her Own Design

Millie Taylor-Morrison didn't let her age stop her from marrying her beau.


Aging isn't the only thing this grandmother does gracefully.

Grandmother Millie Taylor-Morrison didn’t let the fact that she is in her twilight years keep her from having the wedding day of her dreams — in a breathtaking dress of her own design.

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The 86-year-old tied the knot October 16 with her 85-year-old husband Harold Morrison, whom she has known on and off known for decades.

“He was a guest at my grandmother’s wedding to my late grandfather in the early 1950’s at Zion Hill Baptist Church in Newark,” Millie’s granddaughter, Khadija Elkharbibi, told InsideEdition.com.

The two lost touch over those years, but eight years ago, they reconnected at a different church in Orange, New Jersey.

“He was sick at the time so she started picking him up and dropping him off for church services,” said Elkharbibi.

Millie and Harold eventually started dating.

“A year ago he got really sick and was no longer able to live alone so my grandmother asked him if he wanted to move in with her instead of going to a nursing home,” Elkharbibi said.

Elkharbibi said Harold moved and his health improved.

Although the grandparents are no spring chickens, Millie still wanted to honor their commitment in front of God and tie the knot with her beau.

Harold proposed in July, but could not get down on one knee because he’s in a wheelchair, according to Elkharbibi.

Knowing this may be her last hurrah, Millie made sure she was going to get married in style. And to do it, she enlisted the help of Mathew Purefoy, another fellow church member who helped put her dress design on paper.

“It took a few sketches to get it to what she wanted," Elkharbibi said. "She took it to the designer Marco Hall, who designed the dress and brought it to life."

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And on her big day, Millie dazzled in the lavender gown in front of 200 guests.

Harold looked dapper in a gray suit and bowtie to compliment her dress.

Each of the couple’s children and grandchildren were in their wedding party, an emotional moment for all of them, Elkharbibi said. 

“We thought it was beautiful. We know how Nana felt about having a man in the house. She always instilled in God in us and she wasn’t going to continue to live with him without being married," Ellkharbibi said.

"We knew that it was something that they probably both wanted. It’s not typical that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t happen."

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