Lost In the Flood: 8-Year-old Collects Money, Toys, for Another Child Who Lost Everything in Louisiana Waters

A stranger came to the rescue of a boy he saw on social media.

A little boy with a heart full of empathy raised more than $4,000 and a carload of gifts for another little boy whose family lost most of their earthly goods to Louisiana floodwaters.

Kameron Smalls was so moved by a photo posted to social media he took it upon himself to raise donations for Ethan Comeaux, who lost all his prized possessions, including his Legos, to the raging waters that destroyed his home.

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The image of Ethan covering his face in despair while standing in the rubble of what used be his bedroom went viral on the internet, and spoke directly to Kameron living more than 800 miles away in South Carolina.

“I thought to myself, if I was Ethan and I got affected by the flood I’d be sad, so I immediately wanted to help them,” the 8-year-old told WAFB-TV this weekend.

For the past two months, Kameron raised money at his church and other houses of worship. He was helped by the Mounty Pleasant Police Department, family and friends.

Kameron and his mother bought toys, stuffed animals, blankets, cooking pots and bags and bags filled to brimming with things needed to rebuild a home.

Escorted by Mount Pleasant officers, the boy and his mother arrived in Coyall Sunday and unloaded their presents for the Comeaux family.

Mom Whitney Comeaux was overcome as bent down to hug Kameron and to thank him for his generosity of spirit.

“There are still good people out there,” she said. “These are amazing people and they are raising a fine young man.”

Kameron, who also is 8, had a simple answer when asked why he wanted to help.

“I did it because when you do good things, it makes you feel good and when you do things for others, God will bless you,” the child said.

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Kameron is just different, said the officers who escorted him.

“There’s something special about that kid,” said Officer William Martin.

His partner, Officer Matt Kinard, said “It’s refreshing to see that, you know? So it’s been incredible. The whole thing has.”

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