Hero Cop Relives Police Station Shootout

INSIDE EDITION talks to the hero cop who ended up in a shocking police station shootout, just inches away from a crazed gunman.

The hero cop at the center of a mind-blowing, wild-west, shoot-em-up at a police station is breaking his silence.

He tells INSIDE EDITION how he traded fire with a shotgun-wielding lunatic from just inches away.

The drama happened at the 6th precinct in Detroit. Commander Brian Davis had gone in on his day off to do some paperwork. Surveillance video captured a man with a concealed shotgun walking across the lobby.  When he got to the reception desk, he suddenly opens fire on the unsuspecting officers.

"We was at point-blank range firing at each other," said Davis.

The gunman backs off a moment, his shotgun raised. Then all hell breaks loose as Davis and other officers crouch behind a desk and return fire.

Davis said, "I was pulling that trigger as many times as I can."

The gunman actually jumped over the reception desk, then he and Davis trade fire, just inches apart.

"The gun was blown out of my hand. When I was shot in my hand, the gun flew out of my hand," explains Davis.

His gun gone, Davis goes for the only weapon at his disposal—a trashcan!

When the smoke cleared, four cops were hit. The gunman, identified as Lamar Moore, a suspect in a sex crime investigation, was shot dead.

Just this week, the four wounded cops and other officers who were in the precinct that day were honored for their heroism.

Davis, 46, lost part of one finger. He was also hit in the back. He's now recovering at home with his wife Tamika and their son.

He marvels about the day he stared death in the face and survived, saying, "I was outgunned, and for me to still be living is just incredible."