Wayward Pine: Man Dressed as a Tree Arrested for Blocking Traffic

Police say Asher Woodworth refused to move out of an intersection while covered in pine boughs.

A Maine man decked out as a pine tree was arrested this week after cops say he refused to stop blocking a town intersection.

Asher Woodworth was approached by officers with the Portland Police Department Monday when they say he appeared in a downtown street covered head-to-toe in evergreen boughs.

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Officers told the 30-year-old he was free to go so long as he stayed out of the way of traffic. "I’ll accept your silence as you understand. You’re free to go. Stay out of the roads," an officer tells Woodworth in video taken by WHCS.

Police then walked away. However, Woodworth allegedly then walked back into traffic and was arrested.

According to officers, Woodworth said his motivation for the stunt was to see how people would react to his "performance" and how he might impact "people's natural choreography."

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Woodworth was charged with obstructing a public way, a misdemeanor.

He was booked and released on $60 cash bond.

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