Mama Dog and Her Day-Old Pups Rescued Right Before Being Put Down

The whole dog family is now happy with a foster mom.

A mama dog and her day-old pups were on the verge of being put down when a local Orlando puppy rescue helped change their fate.

The pit bull’s previous owner brought her into the Orange County Animal Services Tuesday, and on Wednesday the mom gave birth to three little puppies.

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According to Lindsey Grey, the owner of the rescue who helped the dogs, the pit bull, Scarlet, turned aggressive after the delivery and said it’s not uncommon to put dogs like that down.

"She became more aggressive and didn’t want to be handled. She was fearful for her and her baby’s surroundings," Grey told

The shelter scheduled to have her and the puppies put down the day after their birth, Grey said.

According to Grey, they would have euthanized the puppies too because it’s unlikely they would survive in the disease-ridden shelter environment without their mom.

But the night before the scheduled procedure, Grey and her team at Poochie’s Pet Rescue found a foster mom for the whole family.

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Now the family is happily together and the pups will be up for adoption when they reach 8-10 weeks old.

“She has been relaxed. She is able to care for her babies without being so fearful,” Grey said of the mama dog."

She added: “She lets people love and touch on her and her pups. You can see the relief on her face from being out of that stressful environment.”

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