Grammy Preview: Will Rihanna Perform?

Preparations for the Grammy Awards are in full swing and everyone is asking if Rihanna will perform after becoming sick earlier this week. INSIDE EDITION reports from inside the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Will Rihanna perform at the Grammys?

That's the question today after the pop superstar cancelled her appearance at the Women's Cancer Research Fundraiser in Beverly Hills.

The fundriaser's host Rita Wilson broke the news about Rihanna to INSIDE EDITION.

"She's very sick. She has to perform in the Grammys and I believe her doctor said she shouldn't perform tonight if she's going to save her voice for Sunday," says Wilson.

Rihanna says she feels well enough to rehearse today.
Meantime, inside the Staples Center in Los Angeles, we saw country star Miranda Lambert rehearsing the song she'll sing on Sunday.
INSIDE EDITION also saw the presenter, Selena Gomez, practicing her lines.
There are seat cards reserved for all the stars such as Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, Khris Kristofferson, Jay-Z and of course, Justin Beiber.

Beiber appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where Kimmel pretended to shave off that famous Bieber do.

Beiber asks, "What do you guys think, you like it?"

"You look like a young Lex Luthor, I like it," says Kimmel.