Numbers Game: How '108' Plays Into the Chicago Cubs' Historic World Series Run

The Cubs are 108 outs away from winning their first World Series in 108 years. And a baseball has 108 stitches.

The number 108 keeps popping up ahead of Tuesday night’s first game of the World Series between the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians.

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It's been 108 years since the Cubs won their last World Series. The team is now 108 outs away from their first World Series — since there are 27 outs per game and four games needed to win the series.

The tower that broadcasts Cubs games stands at 108 stories tall.

Baseballs have 108 stiches. The ones used in games were originally manufactured by the Spalding company, whose office was originally located at 108 West Madison Avenue in Chicago.

Wrigley Field, the legendary home of the Cubs, was built back in 1914. It was given the building code number 108.

There are two movies that depict the Cubs winning a fictional World Series – Back to the Future Part II and Taking Care of Business. Both films run exactly 108 minutes long.

The Indians are not fazed by all the numerological signs pointing to a Cubs win, according to WOIO-TV's Brian Duffy in Cleveland.

"This team in this city thrives on being the underdog and I think it is a perfect spot for Cleveland," Duffy told Inside Edition. 

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Grant Deporter owns Harry Caray’s Restaurant in Chicago. He begs to differ.

"Everyone is predicting the Cubs win it in 5 games, which means they will win it in 108 games they have ever played in the post season," he told Inside Edition. 

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