Just Goat With It: Woman Launches Yoga Classes With Farm Animals

The farm owner said the class is a magical experience.

Forget the downward dog; this yoga class has the downward goat.

Lainey Morse started “Goat Yoga” on her Oregon farm over the summer when a yoga instructor told her that her farm would be a great place to hold a class.

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“She brought the yoga and I brought the goats and Goat Yoga was born,” Morse told InsideEdition.com. “We really only thought it would be just friends coming.”

But, that wasn’t the case. The first class was capped at 20 people and all the spots were filled, Morse said. The second class had 44 attendees.

Six goats participate in the yoga sessions.

Now, the class has a waitlist of more than 500 people from around the world.

“The humans do yoga. The goats just wander and lie down on mats and want to be pet,” said Morse. “It's partly relaxing and hilarious. Most people that come are from California or Portland or Seattle and I think just need a break from stress and life.

Morse said many of the yogis call the class magical.

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And, she even has a goat happy hour after the class for attendees to pet the goats and take selfies.

“I get the humor of it, but getting out in nature and relaxing with cute goats is beneficial.

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