Thieves Didn't Come for Kim Kardashian's $4 Million Engagement Ring, Concierge Says

Inside Edition's exclusive interview with Abdul has shed new light on the early morning heist.

The thieves who held Kim Kardashian West at gunpoint in Paris were after cash and not targeting her $4 million engagement ring, only taking it after she handed it to them in fear of her life, according to the concierge who witnessed the terrifying ordeal.

Inside Edition's exclusive interview with Abdul, which will air Thursday and Friday, sheds new light on the early morning heist in which the reality TV star was gagged and bound at gunpoint.

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Abdul was on duty at the apartment complex October 3 when masked thieves entered the building and, while brandishing weapons, demanded to be led to the room where the "rapper's wife" was staying.

After failing to dissuade them and fearing for his safety, Abdul eventually took the men to Kardashian's door.

"I told them, 'don't hurt her please,'" Abdul told Inside Edition. "They say, 'don't worry, we are here for money.'"

Previous reports suggested the thieves targeted Kardashian after she flaunted her massive diamond ring on social media. But Abdul said the thieves were only there for cash.

Inside the apartment, they demanded money from Kardashian while "shaking her with the gun," Abdul said.

"Kim is yelling 'don't hurt me!'" he recalled. "I think she believed that he was there for her ring."

Abdul said she picked up the ring from a table and gave it to him. The thief looked at it and said "it's nice" before putting it in his pocket, Abdul said.

Despite taking the diamond, the man continued to ask for money.

"If he was there about the ring, I think he would not be talking [to] us about money," Abdul said.

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The investigation is ongoing and no arrests have been made.

Watch Inside Edition this week to see Abdul recreate what really happened during that horrifying incident. Click here for local listings.

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