Dirty Bathrobe at Trump's New Hotel Not Washed Between Guests, Investigation Finds

When you check into a hotel, could you be sleeping on dirty sheets?

When you check into a hotel room, you'd expect to find the bathrobes and bedsheets freshly washed.

But when Inside Edition took its hotel sheets investigation across the country, including to Donald Trump's new hotel in Washington, D.C., we learned that's not always the case.

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A dirty bathrobe at Trump's hotel was not washed between guests, while other hotels across the country failed to wash some pillowcases after they were used.

After checking in to a $900-per-night room at The Trump International Hotel, we used a harmless, washable fluorescent paint only visible under UV lighting, to spray the Inside Edition a logo on sheets, pillows and a bathrobe.

Inside Edition checked out of the hotel and left the bed looking as if it had been slept in, and flung the bathrobe over a chair.

The next day, we checked into the same room under a new name, using a powerful UV light to check the items.

The sheets and pillows were clean. “All the dirty politics aside, there's no denying these are some fresh clean sheets,” said producer Charlie McLravy.

But the bathrobe was a different story. The Inside Edition logo that had been painted inside the robe shined brightly under our UV light. It had not been changed or cleaned.

Inside Edition has reached out to Trump International Hotel but has not received a response.

At a Ramada in Boston, we found the sheets were clean but the Inside Edition logo was still on a pillowcase the following day. Although it looked clean to the naked eye, a guest would have been sleeping on a dirty pillowcase.

In response to our findings, the manager said: “[I] really don't have anything to say in regards to this... I’m gonna have to end this conversation, but I appreciate it.”

A Wyndham Hotel Group spokesperson later told Inside Edition on behalf of the Ramada: "We’re disappointed to learn of this incident as it’s not reflective of our brand values or the guest experience our franchisees strive to provide each and every day.

"While we do not own or operate this hotel, we appreciate the seriousness of these concerns and have reached out to the hotel’s owner so they may be addressed."

At a Hyatt Regency overlooking Boston Harbor, we also discovered the pillowcase had not been changed.

“This is not our standards,” said the manager. “We have to check with the housekeeping manager and see what happened here.”

In a statement, a spokesperson for Hyatt said: "The health and welfare of our guests remains a top priority for Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor. It is the hotel’s standard housekeeping procedure to remove all bed linens from guest rooms following a guest’s departure and replace them with clean, washed bed linens.

"We are reviewing what happened in this instance and will take appropriate steps to ensure our strict housekeeping protocols are followed. We remain committed to ensuring clean, comfortable and safe facilities for our guests."

At a Sheraton at Los Angeles International Airport our investigation discovered more bad news – another dirty pillowcase.

When informed, the manager said, “It’s supposed to be completely, one hundred percent changed when it’s a brand new guest.”

A spokesperson later told Inside Edition: "The Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles has assured us that all used linens are to be changed upon checkout of a guest, which they have reinforced with their housekeeping staff. We are disappointed by this occurrence and the hotel has emphasized to us that they will highlight this example with their staff in order to prevent any oversights in the future."

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When we tested a room at a Comfort Inn, also near LAX, we once again found the dirty pillowcase had not been changed. The manager apologized and thanked us for pointing out the issue.

"While each hotel in our system is locally owned and operated, our brand standards emphasize room cleanliness," a Choice Hotels spokesperson said on behalf of the Comfort Inn. "Our expectations mirror those of hotel guests - a clean room with fresh linens during each stay. We are looking into this to make sure that our brand requirements are followed by this hotel each and every time."

The discoveries came after another Inside Edition investigation last month found that some hotels did not change bed sheets between guests.

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