Italian Artist Uses Tractor to Draw Trump's Face Into Field, Saying 'Ciao' to GOP Candidate

The artist, Dario Gambarin, is a Clinton supporter.

The Italian artist who turned a field into a giant portrait of Hillary Clinton outside Verona has now turned his attention to her rival, Donald Trump.

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Artist Dario Gambarin used his plowing skills to make the portrait in a field in Castognaro, with a cryptic message for the GOP candidate.

Gambarin wrote the Italian greeting and salutation "Ciao," next to Trump’s massive face in the field.

“In Italy, we say ‘ciao,’ to say hello and goodbye,” Gambarin told Inside Edition. “I am saying ‘hello,’ if he becomes president and goodbye if he doesn’t.”

(Dario Gambarin)

The massive image of Trump took Gambarin eight hours to plow into his field.

He said he believes “Trump is a good personality. He is a good actor but would not make a good president."

The artist added: “It is important who America picks for president. He is a candidate for president and as an artist it is important to raise awareness.”

In September, he plowed Clinton’s face into his fields with a get well phrase for the Democratic candidate after she had fallen ill with pneumonia.

The artist has done land art like this before. He created a portrait of former South African President Nelson Mandela after this death in 2013.

He has also recreated the iconic expressionist artist Edvard Munch’s “Scream” painting.

The artist says he has been doing this for 10 years and his first was a portrait of President Obama with the message: “The Hope Is in the Land.”

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He says he started the hobby for a "new challenge" and wanted to use "natural resources" to make his art and "be outside more."

Gambarin is also a world-renowned painter who has had his work displayed in Italy, Turkey, Germany and America.

Click here to see more of his work. 

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