Would You Cleanse Your Face With Blood? Inside Donna D'Errico's Unconventional Beauty Regimen

You wouldn't believe the lengths she will go.

Former Baywatch star Donna D’Errico has undergone a skin care treatment that is not for the faint of heart.

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D'Errico shot to fame while running around the beach in her trademark red bathing suit on the show, but all that fun in the sun has taken a toll on her skin, including aging and discoloration.

“We were getting tan out there and golden and glowy but then years later you start noticing that you really damaged your skin,” she said.

In August, the 48-year-old visited Dr. Sarmela Sunder for the beauty treatment that uses real blood to smooth out imperfections.

The doctor drew two vials of her own blood from her arm and numbed her face with a special cream.

He thinned the blood and injected yellow platelet-rich plasma into the actress' face to regenerate skin cells.

Micro-needles prick at her skin to stimulate collagen and also made her face bleed.

After the procedure she was given a mask made of gold to help the healing process.

Now, two months after the procedure, the discoloration is gone and her skin texture is much smoother.

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While the treatment helped, the actress did admit she should have been more careful during her Baywatch days.

“I am always careful to wear sunblock now, but the damage has already been done,” she said.

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