Ride Along Victim Opens Up About Terrifying Drive With Rookie Cop: 'It's Really Scary'

Yessica Valencia is speaking out about the harrowing encounter.

The terrified civilian on a police ride along in California that turned into a dramatic shootout is now speaking out about the harrowing encounter.

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Yessica Valencia, 29, was introduced at a police news conference in Madera Wednesday.

The mother of two boys was on the ride along with Officer Julian Garcia as part of a Citizen Police Academy when a routine traffic stop turned into a wild chase that culminated with her and the officer getting shot at.

“You don’t know what it feels like until you actually experience something like that,” she told Inside Edition. “It is really scary.” 

The drama unfolded in a quiet neighborhood and everyone was asleep at 4:30 Sunday morning.

"That is when I started crying and the only thing I could think about was my kids," she told Inside Edition. 

Glass went flying as three bullets struck the windshield. But by some miracle, the shots missed the cop and his passenger. However, glass hit Valencia's lip and cut her face. 

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Officer Garcia had only been on the job for two weeks when the situation occurred.

Police announced the arrest of two suspects, one of them a woman, and are searching for a third man.

Valencia feels thankful she’s around to celebrate her 29th birthday, which is Wednesday. She says she's lucky to be alive.

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