Woman Uses Halloween Dummies to Make Social Commentary: 'Stop Killing Our Children'

She said she wanted to show real-life fears this Halloween.

One Detroit woman’s lawn is full of dummies for Halloween, but they may not be what you’d expect.

Inspired by the fears of her grandchildren, Larethia Haddon made the dummies to illustrate those anxieties.

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Haddon, who has been making dummies for twenty years, said she wanted to do something different this year.

“This year we wanted to focus on things that people should be afraid of in real life,” said Haddon.

Haddon asked three of her grandkids what they are most afraid of. Her 5-year-old granddaughter said "going outside to play because of someone kidnapping her," so Haddon made a “predator” dummy with a sign that read: “I see your kids.”

She also touched on the fears of her 14-year-old granddaughter, who doesn’t understand why they see reports of murdered children on the news every day.

For that fear, Haddon made two dummies, a mom holding a child, and wrote a sign that read: “Stop killing our children.”

With another dummy, she highlighted the fear of her 10-year-old grandson, who said he was worried about getting shot by police. The dummy is covered in blood with the sign “my hands are up.”

Although Haddon said she doesn’t teach her grandkids to be afraid of police, she said these are the realities of what’s happening in America.

“Some people will feel okay with it and some people will have something bad to say about the dummies but this is the reality that we are living on a day-to-day,” Haddon said. “I am trying to spread awareness.”

Haddon also gathers around the dummies with her church group every Wednesday to pray for the city.

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“We pray for the City of Detroit… for all the crimes that are depicted in my yard,” Haddon said.

Some of the other dummies in her yard include signs about the Flint water crisis, someone who has been carjacked lying dead on the ground, and a lonesome book bag with a “bomb” inside.

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