Zsa Zsa's Daughter Claims She's Banned From Visiting Her Mother

Zsa Zsa Gabor's only daughter claims Zsa Zsa's husband refuses to let her see her ailing mother.

It's the family feud raging around the legendary Zsa Zsa Gabor, as she lives out her final days.

Francesca Hilton is Gabor's only child and she's talking about her stepfather, Prince Frederic Von Anhalt. She says he's banned her from visiting her 94-year-old mom.

Hilton is preparing to sue Gabor's husband so she can visit her mother.

"I just want to see my mother and kiss her. I called him up, and he said to go [expletive deleted] myself on the phone. He says, 'All I'm after is the money.' I've been with my mother longer than he has. He's her ninth husband," Hilton tells INSIDE EDITION.

Hilton's father was Gabor's second husband, Conrad Hilton, Paris Hilton's great-grandfather.

Gabor has defied death for years, recently surviving the amputation of her leg. Hilton says she has tough questions for the man in charge of her mom's care.

INSIDE EDITON's Jim Moret asks, "Frederic says he's spending $20-30,000 a month on your mom's care. Why are you worried?"

"Jim, I want to know why her leg got to be in such a bad state that they had to amputate it," replied Hilton.

In a statement to INSIDE EDITION Von Anhalt says, "Zsa Zsa had an infection. The doctors at UCLA have already explained, there was nothing we could do. She was given antibiotics and they didn't work because of her age."

INSIDE EDITION was recently given exclusive access to Gabor's Bel Air mansion. Gabor remained hidden from our cameras, but her husband, Von Anhalt, released a photo of Gabor celebrating her 94th birthday.

"She would be hysterical if she saw those pictures of herself. She had no makeup on, no hair, she looked awful. I think he uses my mother for publicity," says Hilton.

Hilton and her mom have had a rocky relationship. In 2005, Gabor sued Hilton for allegedly forging her signature to get a $2 million loan. The case was dismissed, and Hilton says all that drama is behind them. Now she wants to spend time with her mother before it's too late.

Moret asks, "What would you want her to know?"

"That I love her and I want to see her as soon as possible. This is ridiculous," replies Hilton.

Von Anhalt told INSIDE EDITION Hilton is free to come but only when Gabor's doctor is there. Von Anhalt also says amputating Gabor's leg was unavoidable.