Girl Bullied for Her Dark Skin Now a Successful Fashion Model: 'My Goal Is to Spread Love'

Khoudia Diop, 19, was called 'blackest girl' by bullies who tormented her over her extremely dark skin.

They called her “Midnight,” “The Blackest Girl” and “The Mother of Stars,” meaning her skin was as dark as the night sky.

They were not terms of endearment.

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Khoudia Diop, 19, of Senegal, was bullied much of her young life for having black skin so dark it looked almost blue. At first, she told, she confronted her tormentors.

“But eventually,” she said, “I just learned to tune out the negativity, live my life and just be myself.”

Part of being herself now means being a fashion model.

She was recently picked to be part of’s newest campaign titled “The Colored Girl: Rebirth,” a media project designed to empower black women.

“They really saw my potential and started to champion my beauty and somehow I went viral from that,” she said.

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Her newfound fame has brought her happiness, she said, and she feels no bitterness toward those who used to make fun of her.

“I think just being myself, loving myself and helping other women of color is enough. I am happy doing that,” she said.

She also calls herself “Melanin Goddess,” referring to the dark pigment that colors her skin, hair and eyes.

“Many black girls hate the skin they are in because others don’t find it attractive, and don’t even know what melanin is,” she said.

“Black girls, we are made of melanin and magic!”

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