Lawyer Claims Justice Clarence Thomas Groped Her in 1999 'While I Was Setting the Table'

Thomas calls the new allegation "preposterous and it never happened."

A bombshell allegation of groping has been brought against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

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A lawyer named Moira Smith claims Thomas groped her at a dinner party in 1999, when she was 23 years old.

"He groped me while I was setting the table, suggesting I should sit 'right next to him,’" Smith, vice president and general counsel at Enstar Natural Gas Co., told The National Law Review. "[He] cupped his hand around my butt and pulled me pretty close to him."

Justice Thomas was famously accused of sexual harassment by Anita Hill when she testified during his contentious confirmation hearings in 1991. He denied the allegations. 

On October 15, 1991, Thomas was confirmed to the Supreme Court, becoming the second African American in history to fill a seat on the country's highest court.

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In a statement, Thomas says of the new groping allegation: "This claim is preposterous and it never happened."

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