Mom-to-Be Tears Up the Dance Floor While 9 Months Pregnant: 'We Dance All Day Every Day'

"Whenever he hears hip hop, he starts dancing in my tummy," mom-to-be Shaked David said of her baby.

Even at 39 weeks pregnant, nothing seems to stop this dancer from a little baby bump and grind.

"We dance all day every day," the soon-to-be mom told "We live hip hop."

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Hip hop instructors Shaked David, 27, and husband Lidor David, 33, can be seen in a video licensed by Caters burning up the dance floor, although they are only a week from welcoming their baby boy.

"When I show the doctors, they're like, 'That's amazing,' but when I show everyone else, they're like, 'Are you crazy?'" Shaked said. "I trust the doctors. If they say I'm good, I'm good."

In fact, when the couple spoke to at 41 weeks pregnant, Shaked's water had already broken.

"Maybe it's time to turn things up — the kid's going to slow us down," she joked from the hospital room. "No he's not going to slow us down. Whenever he hears hip hop, he starts dancing in my tummy."

The couple owns a hip hop studio in Israel, and Shaked said that throughout her pregnancy, she continued instructing classes for four or five hours a day.

At seven months pregnant, Shaked said she traveled to Los Angeles with a class she was teaching for a dance competition: "I was dancing with them too at the convention."

In the last few weeks of her pregnancy, she finally invited an assistant into her classroom to lead warm-ups

"I don't do sit-ups or push-ups, but I can still beat everyone's butts," Shaked joked.

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She explained that because she has always been an active person and even serving in the Israeli army, "My body is used to that movement. If I'm not moving, then the baby is like, 'What's going on here?'"

Just moments away from giving birth, Shaked anticipated, "[Our baby] is going to grow up in the studio since we're there all day. He's going to be at the door, checking all the girls out —  it's going to be part of his life."

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