Cat Found With Acid Burns on Face Finds Home: 'Half of His Face was Melted'

Sir Thomas Trueheart, also known as Tommy, is a very playful cat despite nearly losing one of his nine lives in a horrific acid attack.

Sir Thomas Trueheart is a sweet-hearted cat that loves to snuggle with teddy bears, but the friendly kitty has a horrifying past.

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As a stray, Tommy was roaming around California's Antelope Valley when an unknown attacker poured acid on his head, which melted his skull and caused him to lose an eye.

After finding the feline in her backyard, a woman took him to an animal hospital.

"It was definitely something that was pretty devastating — his burns were extensive," said Genia Donaldson, manager and technician at Beverly Oaks Animal Hospital.

Veterinarians were able to treat Tommy but found other chilling details about Tommy’s attack.

“It looked like they poured [acid] on his head first and it ran down the right side of his face, melting his eye, mouth and ear — so therefore we know it was intentional," Donaldson said.

Tommy also tested positive for FIV, a virus that weakens the immune system on cats, which would complicate his ability to fully recover.

But after six weeks, Tommy appeared to make a miraculous recovery. 

The woman who found the feline, who wished to remain anonymous, decided to share his story through social media and that’s when Milo’s Sanctuary, a cat rescue organization for cats with disabilities, took him in.

“Cats who survived an incident like this deserve a second chance and that’s what we’re all about,” said Michelle Hoffman, president of Milo’s Sanctuary.

Hoffman added that what happened to Tommy does not appear to be an isolated incident, as she claims other pets in the neighborhood have also had acid thrown at them. Members at the organization have been left hoping that the person responsible is soon brought to justice.

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Hoffman is relieved she found the furry trooper before it was too late.

“My vets did an amazing job. It was just really sad and I’m so glad we took him in because his eye looked like Glenn’s eye from The Walking Dead. That’s the best I can explain it," she said.

Although Mr. Trueheart can only see with one eye and is permanently scarred, he has surprised his caregivers with his trust in humans.

Milo’s Sanctuary have placed Tommy in their lifetime care program, where he will receive the love and attention he deserves in his new "purr"-fect home.

Follow Tommy’s incredible progress at Milo’s Sanctuary Facebook page.

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