Pence Recalls Harrowing Moment His Plane Skidded Off Runway: '10 Seconds of Uncertainty'

A 737 carrying the Republican vice presidential nominee veered off a rain-slicked New York City runway Thursday night.

A plane carrying vice presidential nominee Mike Pence skidded off a New York City runway in a nail-biting brush with catastrophe just days before the election.

The Trump/Pence branded 737 that has ferried the Republican, his staff and contingent of reporters from campaign stop to campaign stop came to a hard, muddy stop on the grass along a LaGuardia Airport runway Thursday evening.

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All 48 people onboard were safe, though decidedly rattled.

One passenger compared the landing to driving in the rain.

“You felt like it was hydroplaning in a vehicle, you felt like you were skidding,” the unnamed passenger told Politico.

Passengers said the VP hopeful was quick to run to the back of the plane to check on members of the press. 

LaGuardia Airport was temporarily shut down following the incident, which left the tarmac visibly damaged. Runways began to reopen about a half hour after the landing.

The Indiana governor canceled an appearance at a closed-door fundraiser where he was scheduled to speak at Trump Tower and instead checked into a hotel for the night.

On Friday morning, Pence spoke to CBS This Morning about the close call.

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"We’re great. Thank God. And just — just very grateful for the concern expressed for us,” Pence said. “It was about 10 seconds of uncertainty. As we landed we — we got a low ceiling... But once we were on the ground, you could tell they were trying to brake, stop the aircraft as quickly as possible. It slid back and forth a little bit and left the runway. But all are well."

Pence thanked the pilots and first responders. He also quoted his Marine Corps pilot son, saying, "Every landing that you walk away from is a successful landing."

Crews worked through the night to remove the plane from the runway. The National Transportation Safety Board was expected on the scene to investigate Friday.

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