Bachelor Party Returns From Weekend Away With 8 Dogs They Rescued From the Woods

Mitchel Craddock didn't expect to fall in love with someone else during his bachelor party, but things took a turn when an unexpected guest showed up.

Mitchel Craddock didn’t expect to fall in love with someone else during his bachelor party, but things took a turn when an uninvited guest showed up during the celebration — a dog.

The Vicksburg, Michigan, man and his close family and friends were staying at a cabin in the woods in Tennessee for a five-day getaway when they were met by a four-legged party crasher.

“The first morning we were there we had the front door wide open cooking bacon and next thing we know there is a dog just sitting there at the door,” Craddock told

Though at first she wouldn’t come inside, the dog accepted every bite of food and drop of water the men gave her, eventually warming to the group.

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“She was a little skittish at first but once we all introduced ourselves to her she became very friendly,” Craddock said.

After three days of food and water, the dog — which they dubbed “Annie” after Little Orphan Annie — began producing milk, leading the men to think she probably had a litter nearby.

“We then became suspicious of a certain spot in the woods that she was oddly protective of, so we wandered over to it and found a giant hole with puppies in it,” Craddock said.

The litter of seven puppies was about 5 or 6 weeks old and in good condition, but it was clear to the groom and his friends that Annie was in over her head.

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“The mom was surprisingly open to us handling her pups; it was almost as if she was grateful to finally be getting some much needed help,” Craddock said. “It really wasn't a hard decision — we simply knew that they needed our help and we had to bring them back with us.”

So each man went home from the bachelor party with an unexpected but welcome parting gift—a puppy—and Craddock’s grandparents took in Annie and one of the puppies as well.

“People were very surprised by the story of how we came across the dogs but other than that, most everyone was just happy to be able to play with cute little pups,” he said.

Settled into their new homes, all the puppies — Rosie, Daisy, Knox, Gunner, Bear, Finn, and Craddock’s pup, Brimmie — are doing well.

“It did change our plans a little,” Craddock said. “Our beer fund turned into a puppy food fund, but we definitely still had a great time.”

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