Prom Date of Accused Wisconsin Rapist Says He Was Forceful: 'He Was Big and Powerful'

Megan Couture went to prom with Alec Cook two years ago.

The student who went to high school prom with accused University of Wisconsin-Madison rapist Alec Cook is speaking out.

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Megan Couture says she went to prom with the rugby player two years ago.

"He definitely tried to persuade me to get in the mood to have sex with him when I didn’t want to," she told Inside Edition.

Couture added that Cook once "threw me on a pool table in his basement." She said she was afraid of him, saying: “He is a big person. I am 5’2”, he is well above six foot. He's just big and powerful.” 

Cook is facing charges of sexually assaulting five women at the university.

"What he is doing is atrocious. It is disturbing and I think he needs to be locked up," Couture said. 

After he was accused of raping a woman at the college, cops say dozens of women at the campus have come forward to describe their alleged encounters with him.

One of his classmates, Paige Harrington, knew him and said she is shocked by the accusations. She described Cook as "the class clown." 

His lawyer Chris Van Wagner told reporters Friday morning, “Everything that happened here was consensual.”

The lawyer held up a page from a diary Cook kept of women he was interested in.

It lists their job or major, "What Makes Her Special," "What's My Next Step" and "Has It Come To An End?” Another section read "Killed?" next to an unchecked box.

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The prosecutor says the diary is evidence of “stalking and grooming” women but Cook's lawyer says there's been a rush to judgement.

“He's 20 years old. Never been in trouble in his life. And now he's painted as the face of evil in Madison and now across the entire nation, across the globe. That's wrong,” the lawyer said.

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