Today's Forecast -- Hot: Check Out the Skimpy Styles of the World's Most Glamorous Meteorologists

Tight outfits and short skirts are all the rage for some of the world's weather forecasters.

Female meteorologists around the world are becoming international celebrities due to their clothing choices.

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In Mexico, tight outfits and animal prints are all the rage. In Guatemala, it's short skirts and tank tops.

Colleen Coyle, a meteorologist for WFAA in Dallas, told Inside Edition that the looks are "appropriate where they are."

"It doesn't really shock them, but for us, especially here in Texas, that would be an eye-opener here if I were to walk in like that," she said.

“They're telling you it's sunny outside, but a lot of people are watching to see what are they wearing, what's the new look. That's a big deal now especially in TV. It's not just about being a meteorologist, you're a personality.”

Zelenny Ibarra is another international sensation. The Mexican meteorologist told Inside Edition whenever someone tells her she dresses too hot for TV, she replies “yes, why not?”

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Even in America, things have loosened up.

Coyle said: “When I first came into TV it was short hair, suits, kind of duller colors. It was very buttoned up, and now, even in a few years, we're wearing dresses and able to express ourselves with color and prints.”

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