Mom Films Snapchat Video of Her 2-Month-Old Son Saying 'Hello'

A 2-month-old baby shocks mother from Michigan when he responds to her saying 'hello.' The mother uploaded the video and has since gone viral.

When Michigan mom Samantha Jones told her newborn son to say hello to one of her friends on Snapchat, she didn't expect her 2-month-old to actually utter the word.

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As Jones exchanged messages with a friend through the popular app recently, she asked baby Christian to say hello.

"Can you say hello to Amber," Samantha says in the 10-second video. "Say 'hello.'”

"Hello,” the baby replied.

Samantha was astonished.

“I immediately texted my friend Amber and shouted, ‘you will not believe what just happened,'" she told

She also sent the video to her husband, who called it "the craziest thing I have ever seen."

The couple tried to make little Christian say it again, but with no success.

“It looks like he tries to speak but he hasn’t said the word since, he just coos at you," Samantha said.

The shocked parents sent the video to their families and friends, who all had the same reaction.

“My grandfather even called me joking and asked, 'is he walking yet?'"

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The proud mother is happy for the comments she's received on her Facebook page. And while her son hasn't said anything else since the video, she's excited her "baby Einstein" has already said his first word.

“We will expect more from him soon!” she said.

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