Bride Dubs Her 85-Year-Old Grandfather The 'Flower Grandpa' at Her Wedding

Guests got a laugh at the moment.

When Jennifer Briskin, 29, couldn’t find a traditional way to incorporate her beloved grandpa into her wedding day, she did something unconventional instead.

Briskin and her 85-year-old grandfather had an ongoing joke about him being her flower girl for the big day, until the idea actually became a reality.

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“My grandfather and I are very close and I knew I wanted him to play a special part in my wedding,” Briskin told  “So, we kept joking about it and then I said ‘why not just have him actually be the flower girl at my wedding?’”

Hence, flower grandpa was born.

Briskin made a handkerchief and embroidered it with the question, “Papa will you be my flower grandpa?”

“He laughed and said yes,” said Briskin “like any typical 85-year-old, he forgot the whole thing happened so I asked him again 2-3 months later.”

Briskin was married on October 1 and all of her guests got a kick out of the whole thing.

“We kept it a surprise from mostly everyone even from the videographer and I could see him walk down the aisle and I could hear my guests hysterically laughing and people talked about it for the rest the night,” Briskin said.

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Briskin said it was a special moment for the two of them.

“He is so generous and caring and he spends most of his time doing things for people in need. When he does charity work he prefers to remain anonymous so it was nice for me to be able to put him the spotlight for something that was so special to me and him,” she said.

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