Man Records Video He Thinks May Be His Last After Motorcycle Crash: 'Sorry I Was Being Stupid'

He was out there 30 hours before being found.

Kevin Diepenbrock thought the videos he recorded while lying in a ravine, after a tragic motorcycle crash with the friend he was riding with, could be his last.  

Diepenbrock, 41, and his 29-year-old friend, Phillip Polito, who died at the scene, were thrown into a ravine after their two motorcycles crashed into one another earlier this month.

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Diepenbrock told that he ended up 50 ft. away from the Tennessee Road that they were on.

As Diepenbrock laid there with punctured lungs, 12 broken ribs, and an inability to move, he grew more worried as time passed, he said. 

“Honestly I thought it would just be a few minutes before somebody would find us and bikes and cars kept going by with nobody stopping,” said Diepenbrock. “Not sure exactly when I made my first video but I know it was later in the day and was getting frustrated that nobody had stopped.”

Diepenbrock said he typed up text messages and comments on Facebook asking for help but had no signal. He said he couldn’t even call 911.

“'Hey everybody — I f**ked up,' he says in one of the videos recorded on October 15. “That's all I can really say. At about 10:30 this morning. Been laying here ever since. About 50 feet down in the ravine. I just wanted to say I love you guys. Sorry I was being stupid, but you know that’s what I do.”

But, it wouldn’t be until 30 hours after the crash that he’d be found. 

He was still trying to take the little energy he had to call for help, he said.

“The first video I thought I would (make it) but as night fell my breathing was harder it was getting cooler not sure how cold it would get at that elevation,” said Diepenbrock.  “Also knowing that I was bleeding and that area is known to have plenty of bears I thought I might be attacked.”

Diepenbrock said it was prayer throughout the night and focusing on breathing that got him through.

“When my battery hit 10% I tried making 911 calls again and made my last video and at that point I really didn’t think I would make the night,” he said.

But thankfully his prayers were answered and another motorcycle rider, who had stopped on the side of the road, heard his cries for help.

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“There is no reason why anybody heard me it was truly God that allowed that to happen,”

Diepenbrock is out of the hospital now and recovering. He was reminded, through the experience, how important family is.

“While lying (there) my thoughts fell back to family I never tell them I love them enough,” he said.

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