Police Officer Dies of Complications From Shooting After He Predicted He Would Be Shot

The officer died from surgery complications.

An Alaska police officer who reportedly predicted that he would be shot has died from surgery complications two weeks later.

Sgt. Allen Brandt was shot on patrol after responding to reports of gunfire in Fairbanks earlier this month. Earlier that same night he told his wife and children he would be shot, according to reports.

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The officer, who was struck by bullets in a leg and shrapnel in an eye, attended a community meeting before his death where he explained he had a feeling about his plight beforehand.

“The night that I was shot I had my four kids and my wife on my bed and I read them a story, like I do,” Brandt said at the meeting. “After the story I told them ‘I think I’m going to get shot tonight.’ And in the middle of a gun battle that’s all I could think about.”

Brandt also said his wife thought it was a practical joke when she received a call about the shooting, according to KTLA.

Brandt died on Friday.

Acting Police Chief Brad Johnson said the city had lost a hero.

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“I’m sorry to have to let you know that earlier this afternoon, Sgt. Allen Brandt lost the fight. He had surgery yesterday and suffered complications afterward, which continued to deteriorate through the day and from which he was unable to recover,” Johnson said.

Brandt was an 11-year veteran of department and leaves behind four children.

Anthony George Jenkins-Alexie, 29, was charged with attempted murder and other felony counts in the shooting of Brandt.

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