Rescuers Lure Stray Pup to Safety With Hot Dogs After Finding Her in Dangerous Cemetery

Rescuers had no idea how the poor dog survived so long in a remote cemetery by mountains overrun by coyotes.

Just in time for Halloween, rescuers ventured into a spooky cemetery to save a stray pup with nowhere else to turn, but not without life-saving tricks and a few delicious treats. 

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When rescuers from Hope For Paws heard there was a dog living in a remote cemetery by mountains overrun with coyotes, they said they had no idea how she survived as long as she did.

They ventured out, in hopes of tracking the pup down.

When they finally found her, rescuers can be seen in a video using hot dogs they bought from a nearby 7-Eleven to lure her out of a bushy area.

Eventually, rescuers were able to capture the pup they later named Angelica using the hot dog bait. Initially scared, Angelica can be seen jumping back, frantically trying to shake off the leash.

But, she eventually deemed the rescuer safe, and warmed to her touch. She even sat calmly in her lap during the trip back to the shelter.

There, Angelica was bathed and medically treated, and rescuers determined she was probably about 5 years old, despite frosted features that made her look like a senior dog.

She was as playful as a puppy, Hope for Paws wrote on Facebook.

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"She is so cute, so happy, loves people and other dogs," Hope for Paws posted. "Just a great dog."

Angelica now lives with a foster family and is doing well. She's even learning how to fetch.

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