College Student Starts Food Pantry at University After Kids Complain They Are Foodless

The pantry has quickly expanded.

When sophomore student Justin Franks was working a desk shift in his dorm building, he noticed some students complaining that they didn’t have any food to eat, so he did something about it.

Franks, who attends Alabama A&M University, said the school cafeteria closes at 6 p.m. and many students can only afford to eat through their meal plans.

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“Our mission at the university is service and sovereignty so I thought, 'what can I do to give back?'" Franks told

After the encounter with the hungry students, the 20-year-old started up a food pantry in the dorm’s old mail room in September.

With $40 of his own money he bought granola bars, ramen noodles, and Capri Suns, among a few other items. But, after posting about his efforts on Facebook, donations started to come in.

Today, the pantry has served more than 300 students.

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It’s run daily from 6-11 p.m. and has expanded to offer more than just food, including toiletries like deodorant, soap, and even feminine products.

“It’s really impacted them because they know if they are hungry they don’t have to worry because there is someone here that supports them,” said Franks. “They really appreciate it. They always thank me when I am walking around campus.”

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