Watch This Meeting Between Former Beauty Queens Descend Into Madness Over 2016 Election

Tempers exploded as the meeting turned to the 2016 candidates.

A group of women who once competed in Donald Trump-owned beauty pageants came together to discuss the upcoming election.

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Politics is never an easy topic of discussion, as the former contestants of Miss USA, Miss Teen USA and Miss Universe learned firsthand.

Tempers flared as the women were divided over where their loyalties lie this Election Day.

Six of the women were pro-Trump, nine were against and two were still undecided.

Things got so heated at one point that several women threaten to walk out.

Despite more than a dozen allegations of sexual misconduct surrounding Trump, many of the women say they have pleasant memories of working with the real estate mogul when he owned the pageants.

Miss Virginia 1999 Hunter Raye, formally Kellie Lightbourn, said Trump actually asked her out when the pageant was over. Trump was not married at the time.

“When I would tell him no he got it,” she told Inside Edition. "He never was inappropriate. He never tried to kiss me on the lips or hug me, but he did pursue me."

Miss Utah 2007 Heather Anderson said she felt degraded as Trump lined up contestants and inspected them.

“He had us line up in rows of 10. I don’t know if everybody else experienced that,” she said. “He walked up and down the rows and checking us out one-by-one and one of the girls looked at him and said I kind of feel like this a cattle call and he smirked and he said, 'I can see that.'"

Miss USA 2002 Shauntay Hinton said she felt slighted by Trump when he didn't recognize her shortly after winning the crown.

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“I went to say hi and he was like, 'it's so nice to meet you,' and I said, ‘I actually work for you. I actually work for you. I am Miss USA 2002,'" she said.

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